EL Tintero: “Being Online has Made Us Man Up”

In 1996, the t-shirt design store “El Tintero” opened its doors in the Chueca neighborhood, that was then one of the cheapest and quietest areas of Madrid. Seventenn years later. it’s one of the pioneer businesses in its sector, selling worldwide, and its shiop is visited by the thousands of tourists that walk around what is nowadays one of the centers of culture and leisure of Madrid.


How and Why to Keep an Eye on Our Competitors

How well do you know your direct competitors? Do you know what their return policy is, how much they spend on advertising, and how long ago they updated their website design? Get to know the importance of knowing what you are up against, and the tools you need to not miss a single thing that is going on around you.


Preparing for Christmas in E-Commerce

It´s nearly Christmas again! The time of the year where E-Commerce is at it’s greatest. Don’t let time and stress to you, and follow our simpe guide to ease your preparation for gift-wrapping madness. Wish everyone a merry buying on your site, and reap in the benefits with as little stress as possible.


Black Friday in E-Commerce

Black Friday is one of the fastest growing online shopping events. Here are some ideas about how and why you should take part in this year’s event, as well as the benefits that customers may find from shopping online.


ICT Use in Spanish Companies

This time, we will take a look at the relationship between Spanish companies and the Internet and its solutions. Is its use widespread? Do its uses change depending on the size of the company?. In the post graphic you can see that, and compare the data with last years.

Spanish E-commerce Figures

With the updates INE data as from January 2013, we will see what the selling and buying electronics companies of our country has been. Which sectors sell the most, what kind of companiesmakes the most purchases, or how the value of these transactions are dealt out.


What is M-Commerce?

M-commerce is the browsing, buying and selling of products and services on mobile devices. In other words, it’s a complete online shopping experience, but with all the convenience of being on a cellphone or tablet. Some say it’s the payment method of the future.

The Packing Industry Helps Yours Sales

Even when the wrapper does not to seem the most important part of a product, sometimes is the decisive point to tip the scales in one or another brand’s favor. A research has found out some outcomes that could be usefull for your company.

Telephone support

What Makes a Customer Satisfied With a Call Center Service?

There is currently a slight decreasement caused in the number of customers using a call center to get their questions or problems solved. This is partially thanks to new techonologies and other new alternatives to the making an “easy call”. Internet is the main executioner of call centers, and it also offers the customers the chance to post both good and bad comments online.

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Is the World Ready for Mobile Payments?

Are we ready for mobile payments? Not all that much, MasterCard says in its 2012 Mobile Payments Readiness Index (MPRI), where it analyzes exactly how ready 34 different countries are to start ditching cards and cash and paying with their phones

The British Demand Amazon to Pay Sales Taxes

The huge-corporations have always enjoyed of having preferential treatment from Governments. But in a crisis contexts, the pressure over small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) is challenging how much they can bear. A couple has faced Amazon in UK and lead more than 100,000 other supporters.

Google Reader Will Disappear in 2013

This feeds RSS tool is the lastest product that the company closes. Focusing on few products, especially Google+, the strategy of the brand is become smaller but more effective, despite of being a nuisance for its users.

Art online

My 5 Favorite Online Art Sites

Buying art has always been a hobby of the chosen few. Now, thanks to the expansion of e-commerce, galleries can sell online masterpieces and we all win – galleries, artists and buyers included.


How to Make a Good Business Card Design

Business cards say a lot about you and your cmpany, so it is really important not to dismiss them as an old fashioned technique and thrive to outshine all other competitors with our cool, creative card design that will stick in everyone’s memory.


Burger King and Jeep’s Twitter Accounts Hacked

First Burger King and later Jeep, both companies have been the target of cyber attacks on Twitter. The hackers changed the pictures profiles of the brands and wrote offensive messages. But instead of causing a negative effect, Burger King actually got more followers.

CONAMA 2012 logo image speach bubbles blue green face_THMB

Ecological Product E-Commerce

This past week The Fik team attended CONAMA 2012. This year, the Environmental National Congress, under the motto “Let’s reinvent ourselves,” contains a few “green” proposals to boost the economy and create employment. Many of them thanks to e-commerce.


We Have New Business Cards!

Today we have received our first set of business cards from moo.com. The design is very simple. They have a lot of white space so we can add notes on the card when we hand them over to our customers and providers. We have chosen the Luxe model offered by Moo, that is three times thicker … Continued

We are The Fik Initiative

Today we Launch thefik.com!

The blog is set up, and we have already started publishing posts about e-commerce and online presence. Our objective is to help you sell more and interact better with your customers online, becoming also a useful source of information for the online sector.


Fika with Marta Panera

As you may have heard, we’ve started having our Fikas, our relaxed talks about e-commerce over coffee. This time we interviewed Marta Panera, the International PR Director and Head of Business Development in Spain at Showroomprive.com. As some of you may know, Showroomprive.com is one of the major e-commerce players in Europe. It runs private … Continued

WordPress themes foe ecommerce presentation

Presentation of WordPress themes for e-commerce

On Wednesday Fik Stores held a presentation for developers and designers, talking about WordPress themes for e-commerce.   The event went great, a lot of people came to listen about Fik Stores and about theme creation and application for e-commerce.   Bill Murphy, CEO of Fik Stores, and Rodrigo Sanudo, Front-end designer and developer, explained … Continued

First Fika

Fik Stores held its first Fika yesterday.

What is Fika? Fika is a Swedish word for a coffee break where you can socialize with colleagues, family or friends. Fik Stores gets its name from the concept of Fika. Our aim is to create a friendly and casual atmosphere while talking about e-commerce. Yesterday we held the first Fika session with some of … Continued

IE Venture Day FIk Stores

Fik Stores pitched at the IE Venture Day

On Thursday, November 13th, Fik Stores participated in the IE Venture Day. Fik Stores was one of the 11 finalist startups to pitch in front of a large audience in the Rafael del Pino Auditorium. The jury board consisted of some of the most respected investors, coming from various Venture Funds. Bill Murphy, Fik’s CEO, … Continued