Using Social Media to Attract New Customers

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At The Fik Initiative we have posted a few e-commerce features about small and medium-sized businesses. During the interviews, we have received various answers of how companies use social media as part of their business strategies. Some share more than others. Some interact. But they all agree on one thing: It is of great importance to be available in social media.

Simply by starting up a business account on Twitter, Facebook or Youtube you have taken your first step forward – but you can still improve. Here are some easy-to-follow tricks that will help you get further.

1. Use a good tone

When it comes to social media, you can afford to be personal. For example: Using a colloquial tone on Twitter, rather than a formal one, strengthens the bond between your client and your business. This goes for both tweeting and answering other people’s tweets.

Give your customers a reason to follow you. Give them access to exclusive deals

With good social interactions, people are also more likely to follow you and to reshare your tweets, ultimately increasing the flow to your online store.

2. Share exclusive deals…

Give your customers a reason to follow you on Facebook (and other social networks) by giving them access to exclusive deals.

This could be in the form of a coupon, giving them 50% off their fifth purchase. But the variations are endless. Try posting a “top seller” item, with a direct link to the item on your webpage, for example.

3. … but vary your sharing

Do not only post offers or best selling products from your store, there are other stuff you can do as well.

  • Create a company blog on your website and post the content in social networks.
  • Take in news from external sources relevant to your business.
  • Interact with your customers by asking questions, sharing photos or creating polls.

4. Track your customers

Remember that your company does not have to be on all social platforms. Do research to find out where your audience can be found. This can be made in many ways, and free tools online are available to help you follow your social media mentions. More advanced social media trackers are available, but usually cost money.

You can also ask your clients where they usually hang out, in surveys or polls on your website.

5. Use YouTube playlists

Are you marketing yourself on YouTube? If not, maybe it is time you gave it a try. And one important thing: When you post your videos, make sure to put them in a playlist, rather than posting them one by one. This way, you get to select which videos will play sequentially. It keeps your visitors on your channel longer. And it interrupts with Youtube’s autoplay feature that might show related videos of your competitors.

Do not feel bad about checking out your competitors’ social media lifestyle

Of course, the same goes with videos as any other kind of social sharing. You need a continuos flow of updates to keep people coming back to you. And a high number of YouTube views also means a higher number of visits to your online store. Read more about YouTube as a marketing tool!

6. Keep an eye at the competition

Do not feel bad about checking out your competitors’ social media lifestyle. Maybe they do something you should do.

  • Which social networks do they use and how do they use it?
  • How many followers/members do they have?
  • How do they promote their products or services?

Thanks to AJ Kumar and Nichole Kelly on Social Media Examiner. Also thanks to TopRank.

Do you have any tips or tricks to attract customers in social media?

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